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Our 2 holders have been designed so they are:

Easily adjustable to any size or to any manufacturer’s device - they are compatible with Apple, Samsung, and all major brand mobile devices including your e-Readers.

Quickly and easily moveable – making them perfect for use in rental cars and for letting you use your one holder in many locations of your home or vehicles.

Easy to use because you just slip your mobile devices in and out of them.

They can be used in either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode.

When used in cars, trucks, RV’s etc. they do not block you field of vision.  They are great in the back seat.  And so far they have fit in the over 60 vehicles that we have tested them in.  If you have any problems, let us know.

The Hangatablet comes with a 3 position stand so you can use it on flat surfaces and the Hangaphone (does not require a stand) can sit on a flat surface.

If you choose to keep a couple of these holders in a set place,  your mobile devices will finally have a ‘home’.   One place is in the car - if every time you get in your vehicle you automatically place your device in the holder you will never again accidentally leave your mobile device behind, or on the top of your vehicle, or forget that your device was on your lap. You can do the same thing in your home – and now never have to ruffle through bed linens or stacks of clothes or papers only to have your device fall on the floor and break.