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Update as of 3-5-2015

At CES2015, we learned that the common complaint with suction cups is that they don’t stay on very long.  Therefore, we are working diligently with our manufacturer to insure that the suction cup in our patented hanger won’t fall off after a short time.  To this end, we are making some design changes that will allow a much better seal for the hanger, and prevent it from falling off easily.  These design changes take time, and they should be finished shortly.  However, we have currently no date set yet.

Thank you for your patience.  We want this product to be the best that we can make it.

Update as of 1-27-2015

  • We apologize that the products still are not ready to be ordered.  We had hoped they would be ready soon after CES was over.  However, there are still manufacturing delays, and now it looks like they will be ready later in February.

Update as of 12-17-2014

  • We are working out the kinks in manufacturing.  We plan to start shipping in the middle of January.

Update as of 10-16-2014

  • We are now testing and tweeking the preproduction parts to insure reliability and quality.  We are so impressed!  The strength of these  parts is amazing!

Update as of 9-10-2014

  • On September 8th, we saw preproduction parts that were produced from the completed molds. They look great. Once the units have been tested and approved, we will begin production.

Update as of 9-3-2014

  • While we wait for the preproduction units to be available, we began the process of upgrading and updating our website.

Update as of 8-20-2014

  • The steel moulds for making these products are almost all completed.  From these moulds several preproduction units will be produced and tested.  At that time we will provide you with another update.

Update as of 6-24-2014

  • Additional photos have been added to the home page. These are still the prototypes, but they show additional uses for the products.

Update as of 6-7-2014

  • Renderings of the finished products are now available in the catalog, which you can see when you click on the Hangatablet or Hangaphone in the top blue bar. The pictures on the home page and the video are still prototypes. This will be changed when we get the finished products.

Update as of 5-19-2014

  • We have contracted to start the manufacturing process.
  • We are in the process of selecting colors for the products. If you have suggestions, please send them to us via the Contact link in the upper right corner.
  • Renderings of the finished products will be available on this site once we get further along. The pictures on this site show the prototypes of the products.