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We are a small company bringing to market a much needed accessory – one that gives you more computer power almost everywhere!

As engineers and computer professionals, we have always wanted our computers nearby wherever we were. For us, the tablet was the answer to that.

And the reason so many millions of tablets and smartphones have been sold is because all of us wanted that same thing.

The first obvious place where we were ready to use our tablet was in the car. What a disappointment when we looked everywhere, including several cities with known great electronic stores, and we could not find anything that we could even consider cobbling together to make function as a safe and secure holder for the tablet in the car. We analyzed and then designed for the car what we were willing to trust for holding our tablet with our valuable data in it.

As time went by, a second and smaller holder was developed for smaller devices.  All along patents were applied for and granted.  As details of the prototypes were worked out we went from making them out of metal to 3D printing them out of plastic.  Manufacturing specifications were ironed out and the early prototypes of our 2 products, Hangatablet and Hangaphone, were introduced at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2014) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are now personally very involved in the manufacturing stage and expect the injection moulds to be completed soon.  We are eager to finally, after all of these years, be able to produce these products here in America.